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We can ship you a photo booth to start a business within 5 weeks from today. The photo booth industry is growing at a rapid pace. They are most popular at weddings, mitzvahs and birthday parties. However, there are now lots of corporate and non-profit opportunities. If you are in a large city, chances are you know of a few companies that are already doing this. However, as demand grows there will be plenty of opportunity for the start up photo booth business. If you live in a smaller area, you may very well get a head start on everyone else.

We at The Wilmington Photo Booth Co. build our own photo booths for use in the greater Philadelphia and Baltimore area. You can see plenty about our company and our product on our website and facebook page. We have been very successful in our area mainly due to our product and our friendly service. So if you can take care of the friendly service we can take care of the rest.

Please Note: We cannot sell to anyone servicing the Greater Philadelphia or Baltimore areas. This includes Delaware and Southern Jersey.

Why buy from us?
Product. We are a full time business and have spent time ensuring that we produce a high quality product for our clients. We strive to be #1.

Our photo booths are built in house and are built to last. They are portable and break down easy. You will not need to rent a truck or trailer to move them barring that you have a large SUV or Van or Mini-Van. They typically do not fit in the back of smaller SUV's. The separate components are the base with wheels and handlebar, a hinged bench with wheels, 3 attachment bars, curtains (back drop), PC and Printer. Teams of two are recommended for hauling, setup and event coordinating.

The camera is built into the booth and is operated by software on the PC. In fact we load all software onto the PC for you so it's ready to go. The Software package also includes a program to operate the external monitor slideshow (that's right all of our booths come standard with an external monitor for slideshow viewing, this is a must for guests), an image editor to create top notch graphics and text for your prints (a huge selling point for us) and a program that operates the buttons (guests will have a choice of either color or black and white photos each time they enter the booth). We supply a manual that tells you how to operate everything. We are also a phone call away for when you get your photo booth if you have questions. We will take care of you! After all we hope you will buy more than one or two photo booths from us. If you are calling us for more it means your business is growing!

The printer offers high speed and quality photos! It produces high quality 4x6 size prints in approximately 8 seconds (which is the most popular choice, it produces one 4x6 print that will have two 2x6 photo strips on it) and 5x7 in just 13 seconds. The high speed, high volume, high capacity will meet the needs of the most demanding customers. The dye sublimation technology produces border less photo-quality prints. Designed to deliver quality prints and rapid turnaround in retail, studio, in-field event and kiosk applications, it also offers high-volume roll printing. This workhorse can hold a roll of 550 4x6 inch prints or 335 5x7 inch prints.

Included in the package are 3 sets of curtains (back drops), which are 6 panels each. The colors that ship with the photo booth are Silver (most popular), Blue and Red. Additional sets and/or colors are available at an extra charge. We supply everything you need to get started. Minus a website and a photo upload tool if you want to upload the event photos on-line for client viewing.

We promise to deliver a high quality product that your customers will love. Since you are receiving the finished product you will spend less time setting up and more time on selling and marketing. In our standard contract we state and promise not to sell another photo booth to anyone within 100 miles of you.

Call Today (302) 388-3619 or Contact Us for a quote and to learn more about our photo booths.

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