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The Wilmington Photo Booth Company serving all of Delaware and the greater Philadelphia area
The Wilmington Photo Booth Company serving all of Delaware and the greater Philadelphia area
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A photo booth rental is a great way to make your special day all the more memorable. Each visit by your guests to the photo booth will produce a high quality print out of the session with your customizable message and graphic. It doubles as a favor for your guests! And you will get to see all the photos as well, as we provide at least one CD of all photos with each package and the full version of each photo is available on your own section of our website within 48 hours. Remember to deduct the cost of wedding favors, disposable cameras and developing the film to get the true value of a photo booth. As you will not need these items once you rent a photo booth. Plus you save time in securing these items by just making one simple phone call to us.

Remember your Special Day with a Creative Memories Memory Book. This is a great addition to any other memory books you create or receive from the photographer. With this option guests will be able to keep one copy of their photo(s) and place one (others) in the memory book with a personalized message. All we need to do with you is coordinate where to place the memory book and we will handle the rest, from cutting the strips (if necessary), to guiding the guests and to setting up and delivering the book to you after the wedding. And since we use Creative Memories, it is easy for you to add pages to the book later. This allows you to add any photos you want, including the ones from your wedding photographer.

Visit our Memory Book Colors & Designs album on our Facebook fan page to see the most up to date color choices for your memory book. The memory book price includes the imprinted cover with a graphic and up to two lines of text of your choice.

*Sample of Memory Book Imprint

*This is zoomed in on the album cover. The imprint does not take up this portion of the cover. It takes up appx. 1/4 of the height of the cover and will generally be placed around the middle. It looks nice.

Place Cards

Below are some of our place cards. If you have a specific design in mind, please let us know. Our graphic designer will accommodate your needs. *NOTE: PC22 is a custom place card in which you get your picture taken in our photo booth prior to your wedding, then we add the necessary text to your photo strip.

Thank You Notes

A personal thank you note is a great way to say "Thank You!" to your guests. We take your photo strip from your wedding day and add a thoughtful message to the bottom of the strip. You can choose either 3 pose (for more or larger text or graphic) or 4 pose (for an extra photo and less or smaller text). Below are some examples of our thank you notes.


Place Cards

Thank You Notes

Additional Options

Additional options include, but not limited to, Prop Package, Double Prints, Save the Date Magnets (in both Photo Strip and Full 4x6"), You & Me Photo Strip, and 2x6" Acrylic Photo Strip Frames. The Place Cards fit right into the frame, serving as the perfect favor. Visit our Rental Packages/Rates page for pricing.

You & Me Photo Strip

Save the Date Magnet

Photo Strip Frames

Benefits to Having the Photo Booth at Your Wedding

* More Photographs of More Guests – A Traditional photographer can only do so much during the wedding and most of their time is spent around you, your spouse and the wedding party. A photo booth is a great way to get more guests photographed and more often! Note – Our photo booths are not designed to replace a traditional photographer, we are meant to be in addition to.

* More Fun – Wedding receptions with a photo booth have a magical feel to them. As soon as your guests see the photo booth they are drawn to it. The smiles and the fun are non-stop during the whole event. And we do indeed capture everyone at their finest.

* Entertainment for All Ages and Personalities – Photo booths are fun for everyone. No matter how young, how silly or how reserved a person is they are bound to enjoy getting their photo taken in a photo booth. As behind the curtain they can be themselves, no matter what that is!

* "Hey Honey, do you remember Molly and Ted’s Wedding?" - Guests will talk about your wedding long after it’s over. Why? Because of the wonderful time they had and because how lucky they felt to be part of your special day. And also because you had a photo booth! In fact, chances are that one of the photos is on their refrigerator door.

Find Out More

Visit our Why Rent or Rental Packages/Rates page or Contact Us to talk about specific details regarding your wedding. Remember we are with you every step of the way, from the planning stage through the entire wedding with on-site service.

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